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Avoiding Holiday Letdown

   It is not uncommon for us to plan and prepare for holiday observances and then when they are over to feel an emotional letdown.  This is often people’s experience with the Christmas and the post-Christmas blues.  Will this seasonal downer also follow our Easter celebration?  Easter was March 31 this year which means that by the time you read this if will probably be past.  Are there any post-Easter Bible stories that can help us avoid a despondent malaise?


   The gospels all record some appearance events where Jesus showed himself alive to his followers.  Matthew tells the story of the disciples being commissioned to go and tell the world the news.  Mark, depending upon which ending we read, leaves the after-story to the believing or unbelieving response of his followers.  Luke and John both record accounts that no one else has and both are affirming.  Luke reveals that Jesus walks with his disciples even if he is not recognized until they see him in the Scriptures and the sacraments. John has a beautiful restorative account of the provision of forgiveness for past failures and the promise that we can still be used to bring life to others.  Each one of these gospels reveals a path that can keep us from the seasonal blahs.  I recommend them all, but why not choose one and read and ponder it for guidance and encouragement as you look at the next season of life.


   One aspect of proper pondering is seeking personal application.  How am I supposed to live out the truth of this story in my life?  What should I do?  The post-Easter time period surrounds us with evidences of new life.  Nature starts to bud with the sights and sounds and smells of Spring.  So what am I going to do in response to the Easter resurrection that will refocus my thinking on what can be brought to life in me?  What is Jesus saying and doing and how can I get on board?   


   Some things are as simple as raking up the winter’s debris from our lawns and washing the dirt from our windows.  We can get together for the church clean-up day and beautify our shared property.  Doing tasks together also keeps our spirits up as we look for the next thing.  And lest we forget that 2024 is our church’s 200th anniversary, there are events to plan and projects to complete.  Why not inquire how you can help.  The Anniversary Committee chair person is Cathy Smith (


   But as important as activity is if we are going to keep faith alive in us we will need to pray and seek God’s direction for us both individually and corporately.  The next big decision that needs to be made is one of leadership.  We are holding an important business meeting this month to try and chart together a way forward in our search for a new minister.  If we don’t work together on this project it is almost certain that we will experience a more prolonged feeling of despondency.  The meeting is set for April 7 immediately after our Sunday Worship.  Armed with your own gospel inspired responses let’s ask for God to guide us into this new life that Christ has opened up to us. 

See you in Worship.


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