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We love our Missions and their work for the Lord

Local Missions - Central New York

WMHR Christian Radio - The Mars Hill Network -Mars Hill Network is a Christian Radio station located in Syracuse, NY. They offer Christian broadcasting to stir the mind and soul.

His Mansion - A residence facility in Hillsboro, NH which seeks to give new direction to those who have found themselves caught in the trap of one addition or another.  The rehabilitation program includes in addition to counseling and biblical instruction, working on the farm, harvesting the crops, managing the wood lots, canning and preparing meals, and all that goes into gaining life skills to be a functioning part of a community.  

New Hope Family Services - A Pregnancy Resource Center that provides young adults with free pregnancy tests, peer counseling and practical assistance when faced with an unplanned pregnancy.

Trained counselors focus on the needs of both the mother and the unborn child and do not exclude either. Counselors emphasize the sanctity and dignity of human life by providing information regarding the growth and development of the unborn child and the inherent dangers of abortion. Our goal is to help each young woman make a good plan for her child – a plan that includes either parenting or adoption.

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