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Our Communion (The Lord's Table) Schedule for 2022 is as follows:

First Sunday in Epiphany - January 9

First Sunday in Lent - March 6

Maundy Thursday - April 14

Second Sunday in Easter - April 24

First Sunday in Pentecost - June 5

Mid-Summer - July 17

First Sunday in Kingdom - August 28

Covenant Renewal Sunday - September 11

World Communion Sunday - October 2

All Saint's Sunday - November 6

Thanksgiving Sunday - November 20

First Sunday in Advent/Christmas - November 27

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Birthdays and Anniversaries



Mike Wheeler (1)                      

Alison Stopyro (1)                     

Kris Volles (3)                          

Janet Seymour (4)                     

Caitlin Casler (7)

Tyler O’Brien (9)                         

Regan Robinson (11)                 

William Simmons (18)             

Zachary Kittelson (19)

Barbara D’Aiutolo (19)

Jeanne Yale (20)

Caleb Shelley (22)

Connor Trendowski (26)

Mary Santee (28)

Nancy Barber (29)

Laura Isgar (29)


Mark and Brenda Henderson (4) 


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Worship and Education News

   The season of Lent concludes with the remembrance of the events of Holy Week, which ushers us to the holiday of all holidays, Easter.  In our Sunday Worship times this month we will conclude our sermons on suffering from the Book of Lamentations and will then focus on the Gospel of John’s account of Christ death and resurrection.  See below the Scripture readings for each week and do join us as we retell the familiar story.    


Gaining Perspective in the Midst of Suffering

(Lamentations 1-5)


Apr.  3 – The Future View (Lam. 5, Psalm 89:38-52)


Resurrection Reflections

(John 12-21)


Apr 10 – A Rejected Resurrection - Palm Sunday

              (John 12:1-19, Psalm 96:1-13)

Apr 17 – A Confusing Resurrection - Easter Sunday                                           (John 20:1-30, Psalm 103:1-22)

Apr 24 – A Commissioning Resurrection 

              (John 21:1-25, Psalm 106:34-48) - Easter Communion 


   March brought Spring, at least according to the calendar, but April promises more Spring-like weather.  The average Worship attendance in March was 40. Our present offerings total $22,375 toward the annual budget of $118,110.  Our budgeted monthly need is $9,843.  


   We are happy to be able to again offer a nursery area for families with small children during our Sunday Worship time.  The nursery room is downstairs and is equipped with toys and books so parents who want to take a squirming child out of the service can do so.  


   Also a reminder that our Friday Bible Study meets each week in the Kish Room from 10:30 to 11:30 a.m.  We are just a couple chapters into the Old Testament book of Joshua with Rick Chaffee as the teacher.    Please feel free to join in at any time.  


2022 Holy Week Schedule


   Holy Week marks the last week in the life of Christ.  In an attempt to consider more deeply his life and teachings, and especially the activities of this last week, we have scheduled an event at church each day and encourage all to attend as many as they are able.  Our daily events vary in time, duration, focus and type of activity.  Following is a brief description of each day’s event and a Scripture story that records what occurred on that day. 


Cleansing Monday  April 11  (8:00-8:30 a.m.)  

   Matthew 21:12-17

On this day Jesus cleansed the temple.  We will gather in the Kish Room for a brief discussion of what this means for us.


Teaching Tuesday  April 12  (6:30-7:30 p.m.)

   John 12:20-50

On this day Jesus taught in the temple.  We will look at some of what he taught as recorded by the Apostle John.


Sly Wednesday  April 13  (8:00-8:30 a.m.)

   Matthew 26:1-4, 14-16, Mark 14:10-11, Luke 22:1-6

On this day Scripture tells us that the religious leaders were looking for a “sly” way to arrest Jesus.  We will meet again in the morning in the Kish Room to discuss briefly the idea of our own hidden decisions that ultimately deny or betray Jesus.


Maundy Thursday  April 14  (7:00-8:00 p.m.)

   John 13:1-17:26

In the evening of this day Jesus met with his disciples to observe the Passover meal.  He began by washing their feet and then serving them the elements of the Last Supper.  We will meet together as his disciples to reenact and remember the meaning of this night.


Good Friday  April 15  (7:00-8:00 p.m.)

   Matthew 26:36-27:61, Mark 12:32-15:47, Luke 22:39-23:54,

   John 18:1-19:42

On this day Jesus was arrested, tried, beaten and crucified.  We will gather with the folk at Marietta Christian Church for a joint service of memorial.  


Holy Saturday  April 16  (8:00 a.m.- 8:00 p.m.)

   Matthew 27:57-66, Luke 23:55-56

This is the day Jesus lay in the tomb, and, as the Apostles’ Creed states, “He descended into hell.”  Our church sanctuary will be open all day for folk to stop in, quietly read Scripture, pray and meditate on the cost Jesus paid for our salvation and how we should respond to his sacrifice.


Easter Sunday  April 17  (7:00-8:00 a.m.)

   John 20:1-9, 10-23

Early in the morning on this day Jesus rose from the dead.  Those that came to the tomb found it empty.   We will gather early to read the account and share Communion together and a simple breakfast.  Later we will return for our usual Sunday Morning Worship at the 9:30. 

Outreach News


   Our monthly Friendship Luncheons have resumed and our next one will be on April 6 at noon.  Feel free to invite your neighbor to come and enjoy a meal together along with friendly conversation around the tables.  For more information contact Linda Henderson (315-378-7305).


   We will be collecting food and clothing for the men at Unity Acres.  If you would like to contribute to this you may drop off your donations in the church office.  They will be taken up to Unity Acres prior to Easter.  Financial donations can also be given, checks should be made out to “Unity Acres.”


    We have some new gift bags for the homeless available for distribution and you may pick them up   at church.  Why not keep one or two in the car to have on hand when you make that next drive to Syracuse so you can give them to those who stand at intersections in the city requesting handouts.    


   Our food pantry items of non-perishables are given to the Marcellus Food Pantry.  We would like to suggest that for the month of April you donate jams, jellies, dried soup mixes, etc.  These may be placed in the plastic bins in the main entrance or the Kish Room. Marked cans are also located there if you desire to make a financial contribution to the Pantry. Another donation can is in the kitchen as Terry Wheeler brings down to church the extra eggs his hens lay.  They are there for the taking and he requests a donation be given to the Food Pantry of comparable value.  Thank you.


   Our Take-Away Wall of giveaway items is located in the church Library.  Do stop in and check things out and borrow a book from the library as well. 


   Just a reminder that the ministry of Helping Hands is still available for those needing transportation to a doctor’s appointment or other necessary trip.  Jim Frary is the person to call for assistance.  His phone number is 315-427-3585.   


Women’s LYFE Conference


   You are invited to the LYFE Women’s Conference, May 20-21 at Clarks Summit University in Clarks Summit, PA.  Several from our church have been going for many years.  The cost through April 16 is $215 for 2 nights at the college and all meals.  After April 16 it increases to $235.  Our church has reserved some money in the budget for monetary help. Please contact Gail Frary at or 315-636-8417 (home), 315-391-6443 (cell) for more information on the conference or registration. You can also find additional information on the university website at:


Church Clean-Up Day


   The Trustees have set Saturday, April 23, as our Spring Clean-Up Day.  We hope to do both outside and inside work getting the lawns raked and the windows washed.  We begin at 9:00 and conclude by noon.  All are invited to come and pitch in.  


Natural Church Development Survey


   Back in 2019 we started the Natural Church Development (NCD) process of evaluating our church to discover our strengths and weaknesses so that we could both celebrate the things we do well and address the areas where we do poorly.  We asked you all to fill out a survey to get you’re a congregational assessment.  Well, it is time to redo that survey and evaluation, especially as we seek to put together a church profile to be used in our pastoral search process.  We are noting this now and hope to distribute the NCD surveys after Easter.  Your input is desired as we seek to move forward as a church family.  We thank you in advance for your participation.   


mary santee quilt.jpg

Quilt by Mary Santee - given to Gail as she battles cancer.  Prayed over on 2/2/2020.  

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