Shorelight Newsletter - In the Life of our Church

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Our Communion (The Lord's Table) Schedule is as follows:

First Sunday in Epiphany - January 12

First Sunday in Lent - March 1,

Maundy Thursday - April 9,

Second Sunday in Easter - April 19,

First Sunday in Pentecost - May 31,

Mid-Summer - July 12,

First Sunday in Kingdom - August 30,

Covenant Renewal Sunday - September 13,

World Communion Sunday - October 4,

All Saint's Sunday - November 1,

Thanksgiving Sunday - November 22,

First Sunday in Advent/Christmas - November 29.

Worship News

  The Worship News continues to be that we are NOW meeting together in our sanctuary observing CDC and government guidelings.  There is much outreach to each other through delivering meals, calling, writing notes, and prayer.  We invite you to view our Sunday videos from the period of March through June 7 for a little of our church time.  We pray that all are safe, healthy, keeping up spirits and connections in safe ways if you go out around others.  Our God is providing and if a need arises, call the church to discuss how we can help.

Christian Education News

   UPDATED June 14, 2020

   Adult Sunday School is meeting at 12:15pm on Sunday following our second service.  Please meet in the sanctuary.

   Adult Bible Study is meeting Friday at 10:30am 


    Education, like worship, is usually conducted in a group setting.  We learn best when we have the opportunity for interaction and discussion.  Education loves a classroom.  Nevertheless, oa lack of ability to gather does not mean that we cannot continue to learn.  One important and often pushed aside means of learning is reading.  And now, with so many either working from home or having to isolate at home, we may find that we have time to read like we haven’t had in years. 


   But what shall we read?  You may have some books lying around that you always planned to get to but haven’t.  They might be a good source of diversion and entertainment.  But for purposes of Christian education the best place to start is the Bible.  Why not plan to do some Bible reading every day.  You can start wherever you like but generally if you are not real familiar with it then the gospels with their stories about Jesus are good books to begin with.  Our Holy Week passages this year are all from the gospel of Luke, why not start there. 


   In addition, those of you who can get out I want to suggest that you come up to the church and browse in the church library.  I am usually in my office in the mornings but no one else is around so you won’t run into anyone.  There is a lot of good Christian literature there, books on prayer, Christian living, helps for Bible study, biographies and novels.  You can even pick up a copy of our old hymnal and Supplement to aid in your own private worship times, these are on the library carts.  Use this period of semi-isolation to feed your mind and soul.  As one radio preacher used to say at the end of his program, “Grow in grace or you will groan in disgrace.” 

Quilt by Mary Santee - given to Gail as she battles cancer.  Prayed over on 2/2/2020.  

Services have resumed, however, we are holding off on greeters, acolytes and nursery until these activities are safe.

If you will not be able to serve, please find a substitute

Outreach News and Notes

   Those of you who are still considered “essential workers” and are traveling into the city every day we remind you that this situation is also hurting the homeless.  We have give-away bags to hand out to those who stand on the street corners with signs asking for assistance.  These bags contain some snacks, toiletries, first aid items, socks, and Christian literature.  Why not stop by the church and pick up a few to give to those on your commute.   


   We are also seeking to maintain our ministries of Helping Hands, the food pantry, and the Samaritan Fund.  If you need a ride for a medical appointment or some other necessary travel, contact Jim Frary who will seek to arrange transportation for you.  He can be reached by phone or email (315-427-3585 or


  We support the Marcellus Ecumenical Food Pantry which is housed at the Marcellus Presbyterian Church.  If you would like to make a monetary donation you can so mark it and send it to the Amber Church and we will forward it on to them.  You can also check their website for hours if you are in need of their services. 


  The Samaritan Fund stands ready to provide emergency confidential financial assistance to those in need.  If you know of a situation that we can address, please contact any member of the committee directly.  Financial contributions to the fund are also always appreciated.  (Members: Faith Stopyro, Cathy Smith, Jim Frary, Mark Henderson, Cheryl Curtis, Rick Chaffee.)

Fun Events to attend


Friday Nov 20 at 7pm.  Doors open at 6pm

same location

May Birthdays and Anniversaries




            Travis Wheeler – 4th

            Cahal Donovan – 5th

            Joe Hanus – 8th

            Rose Kronen – 10th

            Kim Vile – 13th

            Deb Southard – 13th

            Matthew Henderson – 14th

            Jim Seymour – 15th

            Deb O’Brien – 15th

            Ethan Smith – 16th

            Gail Frary – 22nd

            Mike Fish – 26th

            Andy McVicar – 27th

            Nancy Seeley – 29th

            Doug LaFrance – 30th

            Charlotte D’Aiutolo – 30th

            Dahlia Schultz – 31st




            Carley and Mike Sniffen – 2nd

            Neil and Karen Bailer – 4th

            Dave and Kristin Heath – 6th

            Brad and Cindy Casler – 7th

            Faith and Jack Stopyro – 20th

            Chuck and Sue Ellen Harris – 22nd

The Full Circle Tour - Ladies don't miss the opportunity to hear Jan Silvious, Patsy Clairmont and Anita Renfroe.  Formerly of Women of Faith, they will be at The Gathering Place in North Syracuse on Friday, April 24th at 7:oo pm.  Tickets are $30.  For more information  please see Gail Frary (315-636-8417) or Deb O'Brien (315-420-2471)

Barn Quilt Painting Project - The Fun Committee is sponsoring another event, a barn quilt painting project on March 28th from 10 am to 2pm.  The cost is $10 which includes lunch.  Please register by contacting either Kristin heath (315-378-5182) or Cathy Smith (315-456-9198)

Postponed and still waiting to be rescheduled.