2020 by Amber Congregational Church

Shorelight Newsletter - In the Life of our Church

Visit often to learn more about our activities and our focus on Worship, Christian Education and Outreach.

Our Communion (The Lord's Table) Schedule is as follows:

First Sunday in Epiphany - January 12

First Sunday in Lent - March 1,

Maundy Thursday - April 9,

Second Sunday in Easter - April 19,

First Sunday in Pentecost - May 31,

Mid-Summer - July 12,

First Sunday in Kingdom - August 30,

Covenant Renewal Sunday - September 13,

World Communion Sunday - October 4,

All Saint's Sunday - November 1,

Thanksgiving Sunday - November 22,

First Sunday in Advent/Christmas - November 29.

Worship News and Notes


   Before starting a new series of sermons for the Lenten/Easter season, we are privileged to have our new Regional Pastor from the Conservative Congregational Christian Conference with us on Sunday, March 8th.  His name is Rev. Ted Dubeau.  A fuller description of him and how he wants to help us is given on page 4.  Don't miss the opportunity to get acquainted with him.

   Our Sunday Worship focus will be on the Passion of Christ.  This is the Story of the Christian faith.  Everything we believe and have hinges on what Jesus did for us on the cross.  Please join us in celebrating anew the gifts of his passion.

   Please read and pray the Scriptures listed below as you prepare for our Sunday Worship together.

Mar 8 - Guest Speaker, Rev. Tim Dubeau, CCCC Regional Pastor (Psalm 67: 1-7)

The Passion of Christ Explained

(Matthew 16-28)

Mar 15 - The First Passion Prediction: Life and Death

Mar 22 - The Second Passion Prediction: Recognize Priorities

Mar 29 - The Third Passion Prediction:  Become a Servant

Apr 5 - Psalm Sunday:  Beginning of Passion Week

Apr 12 - Easter Sunday:  Resurrection

Apr 19 - Easter Commission:  Go Make Disciples

Our average Sunday attendance for the month of February was 54.  our giving is on track with the budget.


  We have started a before Worship prayer time every Sunday from 8:45 to 9:00 in the church library and it has been well attended.  The purpose is to pray for the Worship Service and for our pastor.  Michelle Coonradt is leading the prayer and if you would like more information you may contact her, or just come.  It is open to all.  

Quilt by Mary Santee - given to Gail as she battles cancer.  Prayed over on 2/2/2020.  

March Service Schedule


Mar 1 - Dorothy Herold, Hamilton McCarthy

Mar 8 - Adele Reagan, Deb 0'Brien

Mar 15 - Gary Sanford, Roxanne Pikarsky

Mar 22 - Deb O'Brien, Mark Henderson

Mar 29 - Deb Eibert, Chuck Harris

Apr 5 - Lynn and Doug LaFrance

We will let you know when services resume

If you will not be able to serve, please find a substitute

Christian Education News

   We seek to provide opportunities for everyone to engage in some form of routine Bible study.  Certainly our Sunday Worship service is a major source of this Biblical learning time and obviously it is open to everyone.  Instruction for youth is given in JAM time (Jesus and Me) during the Sunday Worship hour. The Adult Sunday School class meets after Worship and our Friday Bible Study meets each week for an hour, from 10:30 to 11:30. Please feel free to join in at any time.  


   The Children’s Prayer List in our church pairs a child with an adult who agrees to pray regularly for them.  This may or may not develop into a special relationship, but at a minimum, it assures each child and his/her parents that someone is committed to pray for them.  It is being updated.  If you are willing to pray regularly for a child connected to our church, please contact me (gailfrary@gmail.com or 315-636-8417).  Thank you.  Gail Frary 

Outreach News and Notes

   Our monthly Friendship Luncheons are back on the calendar and hopefully, the weather will cooperate with us.  Please come and invite a friend for noon on March 4th.  These luncheons are on the first Wednesday of the month and provide both delicious meals and opportunities for our seniors to get together for conversation and fellowship.

   We collect items to take to the men of Unity Acres at Easter time.  In addition to food items for the kitchen, we have been told that they can use underwear and tee shirts, shampoo and deodorant.  if you would like to donate items we will have a collection box in the Kish room.

   The Outreach Committee has made up small bags as handouts for the homeless.  They contain snacks, toiletries, and some Christian literature.  These are available at church to give to those who stand on the street corners with signs requesting help.  Please pick up a couple of them and hand them on to those you pass on your commute.  If you would like to contribute to what is put inside these bags here is a list of items that you might pick up and drop off at church in a collection box so marked in the Kish Room (Snacks: Granola bars, cheese and cracker packs or sticks, slim jims, Vienna sausages, raisins, trail mix packs, fruit cups. Toiletries: deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, chapstick, first aid cream, bandaids, antacid rolls, mints, Q-tips, nail clippers, hand sanitizer, wipes, brush, comb. Assorted Items: socks, gloves, mini-flashlight, bungee cords).


   Our ministry of Helping Hands is still providing transportation assistance to those needing rides to medical appointments. Contact Jim Frary to request help.  If you are able to volunteer to help provide this assistance let Jim know of your availability.  He can be reached by phone or email (315-427-3585 or ruckus_sr@hotmail.com).


   We ask for your continued donations of non-perishable food items for the food pantry.  Our donations are taken regularly to the Durgee Food Pantry in Marcellus.  If you would like to make a financial contribution there are cans so marked beside the food pantry collection boxes.  Thank you for sharing your plenty with others.


   Also our Samaritan Committee stands ready to provide emergency confidential financial assistance to those in need.  If you know of a situation that we can address, please contact any member of the committee directly.  Financial contributions to the fund are also always appreciated.  (Members: Faith Stopyro, Cathy Smith, Jim Frary, Mark Henderson, Cheryl Curtis, Rick Chaffee.)

Luncheon cancelled for March due to COVID-19

March Birthdays and Anniversaries


Daniel Schmidt (1st)

Karen Swierk, Angela Trendowski (2nd)

Lynn LaFrance (4th)

Alyse Bradley (5th)

Cindy Casler (6th)

Dave Webster (13th)

Rick Chaffee (14th)

Natan LaFrance (16th)

Jodi (Just) Green (17th)

Noreen Schmidt (19th)

Mark Stopyro (22nd)

Sophia Tessier (23rd) 

Lilly Schultz (24th)

Sherry Persad (25th)

Annie Walter (31st)


Jack and Janet Seymour (18th)

Fun Events to attend

The Full Circle Tour - Ladies don't miss the opportunity to hear Jan Silvious, Patsy Clairmont and Anita Renfroe.  Formerly of Women of Faith, they will be at The Gathering Place in North Syracuse on Friday, April 24th at 7:oo pm.  Tickets are $30.  For more information  please see Gail Frary (315-636-8417) or Deb O'Brien (315-420-2471)

Barn Quilt Painting Project - The Fun Committee is sponsoring another event, a barn quilt painting project on March 28th from 10 am to 2pm.  The cost is $10 which includes lunch.  Please register by contacting either Kristin heath (315-378-5182) or Cathy Smith (315-456-9198)

We regret this event is postponed until a future date.