Shorelight Newsletter - In the Life of our Church

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Our Communion (The Lord's Table) Schedule is as follows:

First Sunday in Epiphany - January 10

First Sunday in Lent - February 21

Maundy Thursday - April 1

Second Sunday in Easter - April 11

First Sunday in Pentecost - May 23

Mid-Summer - July 11

First Sunday in Kingdom - August 329

Covenant Renewal Sunday - September 12

World Communion Sunday - October 3

All Saint's Sunday - November 7

Thanksgiving Sunday - November 21

First Sunday in Advent/Christmas - November 28

Worship News


   We have finished our January sermon series on the topic of retirement with the hope and prayer that we will be prepared once that time comes for us.  In February we are starting a new series on another characteristic of a healthy church which, the results of our survey revealed, we aren’t doing very well in implementing. The issue is “Gift Based Ministry.”  A simple definition of this characteristic is that all Christians are to help in some way those around them.  That is what ministry means.  But how do we know where we fit or what we are supposed to do?  God provides each one of us with a necessary gift or gifts that enable us to be instruments of his grace.  As a church we seem to be caught in the insecure position of not knowing where we fit or how God has gifted us, consequently we have great compassion and somewhat ineffective expression.  We will try to address this in our Sunday sermons by providing instruction on what the Scriptures teach about this topic. 


   We will start with an overview written by the Apostle Peter and then move to the description of it by the Apostle Paul.  Come join us for Worship, or if you are unable to attend, listen to our audio post of the service by going to our church website at


Overview of Gift Based Ministry

(1 Peter 4:7-11)


Feb   7 – Present Reality and Personal Response: 

          The End, Clear Minds, Prayer (4:7, 

          Psalm 37:1-40)

Feb 14 – Present Reality and Community Response: 

          Love and Hospitality (4:8-9, Psalm 45:1-17)


Feb 21 – Present Reality and Gift Based Ministry: 

          Speaking or Serving (4:10-11, Psalm 52:1-9)

          Lenten Communion


Responsible Gift Based Ministry

(Romans 12:1-8)


Feb 28 – Gift Received and Personal Response: 

          Mercy and Worship, Conform or Transform 

          (12:1-2, Psalm 59:1-17)

Mar  7 – Gift Received and Community Response: 

          Self-Assessment and Church Assessment 

          (12:3-5, Psalm 66:1-20)

Mar 14 – Discovering and Doing: Speaking Gifts 

          (12:6-8, Psalm 73:1-28)

Mar 21 – Discovering and Doing: Serving Gifts 

          (12:6-8, Psalm 78:56-72)


   Our Sunday Worship attendance in the month of January was down a little which can be explained by a combination of some of our folk going south for a few months, and an increase in the number of Covid cases in our area.  We have had several test positive but none have been seriously ill or needed hospitalization for which we thank God.  We have followed proper protocols with regard to reporting, quarantining, and at church we practice social distancing and mask wearing. All of that said, our average attendance for the first four Sundays has been 36, 25 at the 9:30 service and 11 at the 11:00.   


   Sue Ellen Harris is leading the Adult Sunday School class which meets at 12:15 following the second service.  The present topic is Hebrews 12.  We socially distance for this gathering as well and all are welcome to attend. Also a reminder that our Friday Bible Study meets each week in the Kish Room from 10:30 to 11:30 a.m.  We are working our way through the Gospel of Mark with Rick Chaffee as the teacher.  Please feel free to join in at any time.  

Annual Meeting Notice


   The Annual Church Business Meeting will be held on Sunday, February 7, at 2:00 p.m.  The agenda consists of approving the Reports from the officers and organizations, electing Officers for the following year, and approving the 2021 Budget.  Reports are available at the church on the literature tables.  

Outreach News and Notes

   Do remember the small gift bags which contain a few snacks, toiletries and Christian literature that you can give to the homeless who stand at intersections in the city requesting handouts.  As the winter sets in we have added some gloves and hats in the bags.  These are available for you to pick up at church.  Why not keep one or two in the car to have available when you make that next drive to Syracuse. 


   Just a reminder that the ministry of Helping Hands is still available for those needing transportation to a doctor’s appointment or other necessary trip.  Jim  Frary is the person to call for assistance.  His phone number is 315-427-3585.   


   In these trying days folk are using the food pantries more than ever.  Our collection of non-perishable items are given to the Marcellus Food Pantry.  We would like to suggest that for the month of February you donate dried fruit: raisins, apples, figs, cranberries, etc.   These items may be placed in the plastic bins in the main entrance or the Kish Room.  We will see to their delivery to the food pantry.


   One of the ways that you can encourage folk during this time of Covid is to send a card.  There are a variety of cards available for the taking on the carts at church.  These include birthday, anniversary, thinking of you, and all occasion cards.  Help yourself to these and send a little cheer to someone that isn’t getting out.  Another way to bring a little sunshine into someone’s life is to leave a message on their phone, either voicemail or text.  

Food Coordinator Needed


   From time to time in the life of our church fellowship we desire to provide refreshments following a gathered event such as a birthday, an anniversary, or a funeral.  Certainly the present restrictions due to Covid have curtailed this completely, but when we again are able to do so we want to return to this practice of offering light refreshments, sandwiches and/or cookies, as a supplement to our gathered events.  The food coordinator simply organizes what has generally been a request for volunteer food donations.  If you are interested in becoming our designated food coordinator, or want more information about it, please contact Gail Frary (, 315-391-6443).




Quilt by Mary Santee - given to Gail as she battles cancer.  Prayed over on 2/2/2020.  

Services have resumed, however, we are holding off on greeters, acolytes and nursery until these activities are safe.

If you will not be able to serve, please find a substitute

Fun Events to attend


Friday Nov 20 at 7pm.  Doors open at 6pm

same location

Birthdays and Anniversaries 


    February Birthdays

Sam Smith (2)

Michael Seymour (4)

Connie Amidon (9)

James Smith (9)

Caitlin Henderson (14)

Angela Kittelson (14)

Dawn McDonough (17)

Donna Sundwall (18)

Sue Ellen Harris (21)

Margaret Isensee (21)

Riley LaFrance (23)

River Robinson (24)

Penny Case (24)

Todd Stephens (25)


     February Anniversaries

Jim and Edie Seymour (17)

The Full Circle Tour - Ladies don't miss the opportunity to hear Jan Silvious, Patsy Clairmont and Anita Renfroe.  Formerly of Women of Faith, they will be at The Gathering Place in North Syracuse on Friday, April 24th at 7:oo pm.  Tickets are $30.  For more information  please see Gail Frary (315-636-8417) or Deb O'Brien (315-420-2471)

Barn Quilt Painting Project - The Fun Committee is sponsoring another event, a barn quilt painting project on March 28th from 10 am to 2pm.  The cost is $10 which includes lunch.  Please register by contacting either Kristin heath (315-378-5182) or Cathy Smith (315-456-9198)

Postponed and still waiting to be rescheduled.