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Our Communion (The Lord's Table) Schedule for 2021 is as follows:

First Sunday in Epiphany - January 10

First Sunday in Lent - February 21

Maundy Thursday - April 1

Second Sunday in Easter - April 11

First Sunday in Pentecost - May 23

Mid-Summer - July 11

First Sunday in Kingdom - August 29

Covenant Renewal Sunday - September 12

World Communion Sunday - October 3

All Saint's Sunday - November 7

Thanksgiving Sunday - November 21

First Sunday in Advent/Christmas - November 28

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Birthdays and Anniversaries


     July Birthdays

Teal Trendowski, Dorothy Herold (2)

Daniel Wheeler, Brianna Wolf, Thomas

   Schimdt (4)

Rachel Chaffee, Cathy Smith (5)

Josh Brewer (6)

Mark Henderson, Brogan Donovan (10)

Matt Southard (11)

Dominic Wood (12)

Terry Wheeler (21)

Jim Frary (23)

Maggy Coonradt, Jared Locke (24)


     July Anniversaries 

Chuck and Kim Donovan (7)

Hugo and Margaret Isensee (14)

Tom and Sherry Pembrook, Terry and Karen 

   Wheeler (24)

Dan and Adele Reagan (26)

Christian and Rachel Schimke (30)


     August Birthdays

Lois Chaffee (4)

Laurie Just (6)

Kristin Heath, Mary Frances Seymour (7)

Nancy Simmons (9)

Michelle Coonradt (10)

Andrew Seymour (13)

Neil Bailer (14)

JenniferDrummond (19)

Paige Swierk, Peter Barnes (20)

Melanie Hicks (21)

James Wright (22)

Frank Swierk (23)

Jenny Wright (25)

Eric Trendowski (26)

Gary Pikarsky (28)


     August Anniversaries

Tom and Noreen Schmidt (11)

Teal and Kathy Trendowski (15)

Mike and Cheryl Curtis (27)

Services have resumed, however, we are holding off on greeters, acolytes and nursery until these activities are safe.

If you will not be able to serve, please find a substitute

Worship and Education News


   Well we have completed our study of the four Scripture passages that provide instruction on the gifts of the Spirit. They are 1 Peter 4:7-11, Romans 12:1-8, 1 Corinthians 12:1-31, and Ephesians 4:1-16.  Our topic will still remain the same, Gift-Based Ministry, but for the rest of the summer we will look at how these spiritual gifts are illustrated in the book of Acts.  Below are listed the spiritual gift and passages to read for each Sunday.  There is some overlap and I’m sure we won’t look at each text, but it is a start.  Perhaps in time we can begin to write our own record of how God is using us and our gifts to minister to others in his name.  If you cannot be present with us each week we do post our Worship Services on our website (  


Gift-Based Ministry Illustrated in the Book of Acts


July   4 – Giving and Wisdom  (Acts 4:32-37, 6:1-7,

                Psalm 4:1-8)

July  11 – Miracles and Evangelism (Acts 6:8-10, 

                19:13-20, 8:4-40, 21:7-8, Psalm 11:1-7)  

                Mid-Summer  Communion

July  18 – Serving and Exhortation (Acts 6L1-7, 

                11:19-26, Psalm 1-24)

July  25 – Mercy, Helps and Prophecy, Teaching 

                (Acts 9:36-39, 13:1-5, 18:24-28, 11:27-28, 

                15:30-35, 18:24-28, Psalm 24:1-10)

Aug   1 – Healing and Tongues (Acts 3:1-10, 9:32-42,                    

                28:7-10, 2:1-12, 10:44-48, 19:1-7, 

                Psalm 31:1-24)

Aug   8 – Distinguishing of Spirits and Knowledge 

                (Acts 16:16-18, 17:16-34, Psalm 38:1-22)

Aug 15 – Guest Speaker (Psalm 46:1-11)

Aug 22 – Guest Speaker (Psalm 53:1-6)

Aug 29 – Administration and Pastor (Acts 6:1-7, 

                20:25-31, Psalm 60:1-12)    

                Kingdom Communion


   Our average Sunday Worship attendance in the month of June was 44.  We were able to go back to one Worship Service this month for which we are very  grateful.   In  our  offerings  we   have received $47,325 toward the budget of $117,444.  


   We  are happy  to be  able to  again offer a nursery

during our Sunday Worship time.  We have been doing some renovating and painting in the downstairs of the church building and now have a nursery space available.  We offer this to parents who want to take a squirming child out of the service.  There are books and toys in the room.  We are not yet able to staff it but are glad to provide this space to those who may desire it.  


   We will continue to hold our Adult Sunday School class this summer and have returned to our normal time following Worship from 10:45 to 11:45.  Sue Ellen Harris will be finishing up in July a very interesting and helpful study of the Old Testament book of Ruth. Following that Rick Chaffee will lead a discussion on 1 Corinthians 13.  Then in mid-August Chuck Harris will become our class leader with a topic yet to be determined.  All are welcome to join us for one class or for all.


   Also a reminder that our Friday Bible Study meets each week in the Kish Room from 10:30 to 11:30 a.m.  We are working our way through the Gospel of Mark with Rick Chaffee as the teacher and are just finishing chapter 12.  Please feel free to join in at any time.  



Graduate Congratulations!


   We have two in our church family that graduated from high school: Brogan Donovan (Marcellus) and Elle Southard (Onondaga Central).  Alex Henderson graduated from college (SUNY Brockport) and Brianna Wolf from graduate school (Cazenovia College).  Congratulations to all of you! 

Covid Protocols


   It has been a long year and a half but based on the current data with regard to the spread of the coronavirus and the increased number of those who have now been vaccinated, the CDC issued in June some new guidance on assembling.  The State of New York and Onondaga County have also adopted these recommendations “that fully vaccinated individuals do not need to wear masks or be socially distanced, but unvaccinated individuals must continue to wear masks and be socially distanced in most settings.”  These guidelines were for gatherings limited to “250 indoors or 500 outdoors.”  Now later in the month Governor Cuomo has lifted all restrictions inside and outside for vaccinated individuals.  


   This allows us as a church to resume a more normal Worship practice and mid-June we returned to holding just one Worship Service on Sunday.  We are still mindful of those who are either unvaccinated or are still a bit reluctant to socialize.  So as we meet we will continue to try and provide a safe place for all to worship and will be maintaining these adjusted protocols:

     Seating – The sanctuary has returned to full seating capacity.  We will, however, maintain the Kish Room with six-foot distancing. We will not check anyone’s vaccination status so seating choice will be on the honor system. 

     Sanitizer, Masks and Gloves – We will continue to make available at the entrances personal protective equipment in the form of masks and gloves for those who want them.  Sanitizer will also be provided.

     Movement – It is safe to move around within the sanctuary so we will begin gradually to reinstitute the use of Greeters, Acolytes and Ushers.  If you are uncomfortable in resuming your participation in this way please speak to Nancy Barber or Deb O’Brien who will be making up these schedules.


   We thank all of you for your attention to safety during these difficult times and for your respect for one another’s convictions and practices.



Outreach News


   We have replenished the small gift bags for the homeless with a few summer items.  They also contain some snacks, toiletries and Christian literature and are available for you to pick-up at church.  Why not keep one or two in the car to have on hand when you make that next drive to Syracuse so you can give them to the homeless who stand at intersections in the city requesting handouts.    


   Just a reminder that the ministry of Helping Hands is still available for those needing transportation to a doctor’s appointment or other necessary trip.  Jim  Frary is the person to call for assistance.  His phone number is 315-427-3585.   


   Our food pantry items of non-perishables are given to the Marcellus Food Pantry.  We would like to suggest that for the month of July you donate soups and broths for use in main dishes, and for August beverages like coffee, tea and juice.  These may be placed in the plastic bins in the main entrance or the Kish Room. Marked cans are also located there if you desire to make a financial contribution to the pantry.  

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Quilt by Mary Santee - given to Gail as she battles cancer.  Prayed over on 2/2/2020.  

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Postponed and still waiting to be rescheduled.