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Our Beliefs

Apostles Creed

Often in our Sunday worship we recite together the Apostles’ Creed. This historic old statement describes the basics of our shared beliefs. We stand in the orthodox or evangelical tradition. We believe that God is Father, Son and Holy Spirit, that he alone created all that is. We believe that our relationship with God is based on Christ’s death and resurrection and our response of faith. We believe the local church is the present expression of God’s kingdom and that it must actively seek to call the world to Christ. We believe in the ultimate triumph of God over all the earth. We believe that the Scriptures are our standard for faith and practice.  

Our Freedom

To be a Congregational Church is not to be exclusive but rather it is to be free. Congregationalists believe that each local church has the authority and the responsibility to govern itself under Christ. Our denominational affiliation with the Conservative Congregational Christian Conference provides us with a measure of accountability and enables us to share in joint missionary endeavors and other works of Christian service. We gladly recognize other denominational churches as being our brothers and sisters in faith. Our own local fellowship includes people from a variety of church backgrounds. We enjoy a freedom that recognizes the essentials of Christian faith and cherishes the beauty of diversity in expression and practice. In a true sense we are a community church.  

Our Worship

Continuing the heritage that our fathers have passed on to us, we see public worship as the foundation of church life. Before anything else we desire to be worshipers of God. Each Sunday we assemble to sing praise to God, to read his Scripture and to attend to the proclaimed Word.

The sacraments of the church, baptism and the Lord’s Table, are times for special celebration. We practice an open communion that encourages all who love Christ to gather around his table and give thanks for his gifts to us. We observe communion the first Sunday of each worship season and at other special occasions during the year. Baptism is administered upon recommendation by the Elders. It is always a time of joy as we dedicate and re-dedicate ourselves to God.


In addition to Sunday worship we meet regularly in smaller groups for teaching, for support and for fellowship. We extend to you an invitation to join us for any of these meetings as well.  

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Serving at ACC
Pastor Rick Chaffee

Rick became the Amber Church minister in July of 1983. He married his wife, Lois, in 1975 and they raised four children together. Both Rick and Lois were originally from the State of Maine and they continue to cheer for the Celtics, the Red Sox, and the Patriots.  
Board of Trustees

Cheryl Curtis, William Simmons  

     (term expiring 2025)

David Heath, Andy Henderson, Doug LaFrance, Laurie Just-Torrance

     (term expiring 2026) 

Mike Curtis, Teal Trendowski 

     (term expiring 2027) 

Board of Elders

Cathy Smith, Faith Stopyro, Deb O’Brien 

     (term expiring 2025) 

Mark Henderson, 

     (term expiring 2026)

James Frary, Nancy Barber 

     (term expiring 2027) 

Ministry Directors

Christian Education - Interim Director - Rick

     Chaffee, interum  (2025)

Outreach Director - Cathy Smith (2026)

Worship Director - Nancy Barber  (2027)

Samaritan Fund Committee

Rick Chaffee, Cathy Smith 

     (permanent members as the Minister and

     Outreach Director)

Faith Stopyro

     (terms expiring 2025 - elected by the  


Jim Frary, Gail Frary

     (terms expiring 2025 - appointed from the

     Elders and Trustees)

Mark Henderson, Cheryl Curtis

     (​terms expiring 2026 appointed from the

     Elders and Trustees)


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Papers Creative Agency



Nominating Committe

David Angelo, Mark Henderson (Chairperson)

     (terms expiring 2025)

Deb O’Brien, Lynn LaFrance, Cindy Casler

     (​terms expiring 2026) 

called to serve.jpg
Other Officers / Appointed Positions (all 1 year terms)

Clerk - Cheryl Schulte

Treasurer - Gail Frary

Financial Secretary - Faith Stopyro

Assistant to the Treasurer and Financial

     Secretary - Jenn Schultz

Ministerial Relations Chairman - Mike Curtis

Overseer of Greeters - Deb O’Brien

     (appointed by the Worship Director)

Overseer of Acolytes/Nursery – Nancy


     (appointed by the Worship Director)

Librarian - Cheryl Curtis

     (appointed by the Education Director)

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