Praying the Psalms for One Another
Using the pamphlet "Praying the Psalms Daily" and combining it with our "2020 Amber Church Prayer Reminder" which lists all the members of the church family, we encourage you to pray for each other every day.  Below is the list of daily Psalms and the office or mission and the individual for each day.  During this time of restricted assembly why not call, text or email the individual and let them know you prayed for them.


 1         Psalm 1:1-6                            Minister – Jack and Janet Seymour

 2         Psalm 2:1-12                          Elders – Mel Simmons, Jenn Simmons

 3         Psalm 3:1-8                           Trustees – David and Roxann Bailer

 4         Psalm 4:1-8                           Clerk – Arlette Sherwood – Jared Locke

 5         Psalm 5:1-12                          Treasurer – Andy and Linda Henderson, Alex

 6         Psalm 6:1-10                         Financial Secretary – Duane Wright – Jason Wright

 7         Psalm 7:1-17                          Ministerial Relations Chair – Jenny Wright, Alex Wright

 8         Psalm 8:1-9                           Worship Director – Jim Seymour – Andrew Henderson

 9         Psalm 9:1-9                           Worship Services – David Angelo

10        Psalm 10:1-18                       Sunday School JAM – Chuck and Sue Ellen Harris

11         Psalm 11:1-7                          Bible Studies – Teal Trendowski – Karen Swierk

12        Psalm 12:1-8                         Youth Group – Mike and Cheryl Curtis

13        Psalm 13:1-6                          Christian Education Director – Kim Vile

14        Psalm 14:1-7                          One-to-One Meetings – Mark and Brenda Henderson

15        Psalm 15:1-5                          Women’s and Men’s Groups – Rick and Lois Chaffee

16        Psalm 16:1-11                        Supper Club – Garrett Crysler – Larry Wheeler

17        Psalm 17:1-15                        Outreach Director – Rich and Lisa McVicar

18        Psalm 18:1-24                       CCCC – Bob Post

19        Psalm 18:25-50                    CNY Congregational Churches – Adele Reagan

20       Psalm 19:1-14                        Neighboring Churches – Barbara D’Aiutolo

21        Psalm 20:1-9                         WMHR (Wayne Taylor) – Terry Wheeler

22        Psalm 21:1-13                        RBC Ministries – Jim and Gail Frary

23        Psalm 22:1-31                       His Mansion – Matthew Henderson

24       Psalm 23:1-6                         Teams 4 Medical Missions (John Heater) – Marilyn Fish

25        Psalm 24:1-10                       New Hope (Kathy Jerman) – Dave and Kristin Heath

26       Psalm 25:1-22                       Men’s and Women’s Conferences – Emma Crysler

27        Psalm 26:1-12                       Young Life Syracuse West – Carl and Nancy Barber

28       Psalm 27:1-14                       Schools for Haiti (Carla Flesch) – Faith Stopyro

29       Psalm 28:1-9                         Teen Challenge (Dave Pilch) – Carole Ianuzi

30       Psalm 29:1-11                        The ShoreLight – Mike Wheeler, Scott Trendowski

31        Psalm 30:1-12                       Samaritan Committee – Sherry Persad

Prayers for the Day – July 2, 2020


Psalm 2:1-12


Today’s prayer-psalm sounds very political.  “Why do the nations rage and the peoples plot,…kings…and the rulers gather together against the LORD” (2:1-2).  I guess it is political, after all, all areas of life are to be under the control of our Lord.  So, although there are no Christian political parties, we are still responsible to vote as Christians.  


But the real thrust of this prayer is not really about government policies or positions.  It is about serving the Lord’s “Anointed One…the King he has installed on Zion” (2:2,6).  In other words, this is about Jesus.  Now it is true that he will one day return to rule and reign on this earth as so many of the prophets proclaimed.  Every knee will bow to him and every throne will surrender to his control.  But in the present what are we doing to acknowledge him now, even in the face of a political scene that we may not agree with at all?  In our free land we are to seek to “serve the LORD with fear and rejoice with trembling” (2:11).  We are to advocate for all the things Jesus stands for in truth and justice.  And we are to pray for “kings and all those in authority, that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness” (1 Timothy 2:1-2).  Any government that does not pursue justice and righteousness for its people is doomed to failure.  “Kiss the Son, lest he be angry and you be destroyed in your way” (2:12).  


People in authority include our church Elders who we are to pray for today as they seek to provide spiritual leadership for the congregation.  We are also to pray for Mel Simmons and Jen Simmons. 


Let’s pray together.


O God of heaven and earth, God of creation and ruler of all, we come to acknowledge that you are King over all things.  We are your subjects, citizens of your kingdom.  Jesus Christ is our Head.  Teach us your ways so that we may both live by your truth and advocate for it in the public square.  In the midst of a nation in upheaval about how to deal with a pandemic and how to address racial injustice, may we, your people, be instruments of your peace and healing. 


We pray that the testimony of our church will provide that clear message to the community around us.  Be with our government leaders both local and national.  Give our church Elders guidance as they try to live and proclaim the kingdom of God.  Be with Mel and with Jen as both of them seek to apply your truth to their lives.  Draw them closer to you and use them to aid others as well.  This we ask that Jesus may be praised.  Amen. 

Prayers for the Day – July 1, 2020


Psalm 1:1-6


Our prayer-psalm today is a general prayer that affirms our place as those who align ourselves with God and with those who do right.  It is a black and white prayer in the sense that there are two extremes, two groups, and we must choose one or the other.  Everything else is a consequence of that choice.


We pray about it because although the two sides are clearly identified the way of the wicked can be quite appealing.  But “blessed is the man who does not walk in the counsel of the wicked” (1:1).  There is a progression here from walking to standing to sitting (1:1).  In other words, when we start down this path it isn’t long before we get comfortable there.


The opposite is to “delight in the law of the LORD, and on his law he meditates day and night” (1:2).  The results of this intentional act is prosperity, “whatever he does prospers” (1:3).  This is not true of the way of sinners.  The conclusion then is that “the LORD watches over the way of the righteous, but the way of the wicked will perish” (1:6).


This is a great prayer to begin a new month, a new day, a new lifestyle.  Let’s pray it for ourselves and for Jack and Janet Seymour, the folk in our Prayer Reminder for today.


Let’s pray together.


Father, we have a new day before us.  Help us to choose wisely as we move ahead.  We have all known the consequences of choosing poorly.  Help us instead to put in the time on reading and meditating on your word “day and night” so that we can truly prosper in all the ways that are important.  


We pray this too for Jack and Janet.  Thank you for the long life you have given them together and for the stability that they have known.  Continue to prosper them as they choose to walk with you.  Hear our prayer, O Lord, as we come in Jesus’ name.  Amen.

Prayers for the Day – June 30, 2020


Psalm 150:1-6


The last prayer-psalm of the Book of Psalms is a rousing song with full instrumentation.  Again it begins and ends with the word “Hallelu Yah,” or as it is translated in most English Bibles, “Praise the LORD.”


We are praising God in “his sanctuary” (150:1), a good reminder of who our church belongs to even with our social distancing protocol.  We are praising him “for his acts of power…and for his surpassing greatness” (150:2).  There is a reason for our rejoicing as we are his people and we have seen his work before.  


But the rest of the prayer-psalm I like in particular because it reminds me of an exuberant crowd of loyal followers grabbing whatever instrument they play, or perhaps one they wished they knew how to play, and joining in a cacophony of joyful noise-making all in praise of God.  We have the “trumpet…the harp and lyre…with tambourine and dancing…with strings and flute…with the clash of cymbal (and if that weren’t enough)…with resounding cymbals” (150:3-5).  That’s a lot of loud noise and yet somehow, I see it being made into beautiful music.  Everyone joins in as the last line states “everything that has breath praise the LORD.”  What a fitting conclusion to a life of prayer.  Certainly as we offer this up to God he is smiling.  


Our prayers today are for The ShoreLight, which I put in the mail on Monday, and for Sally Wilson.  Sally is now listening to the heavenly choir so let’s pray instead for her husband, Cliff, and the three kids, David, Patty, and Debbie.


Let’s pray together.


Lord of heaven and earth, we give you our praise for who you are and all that you have done for us.  We thank you especially for our salvation through your Son, Jesus Christ.  We praise you for your unlimited power and ask that you intervene in this world of sin and suffering.


We pray that you will use the church newsletter to encourage, instruct and inform those who read it.  May it be a useful tool to share your truth with our church family and those beyond who are on our mailing list.  We thank you for the life of our Sally and pray now for her family as they learn to live without her presence.  Sustain and strengthen each one and draw them all to a deeper and closer relationship with you.  This we pray in the name of Jesus.  Amen.

Prayers for the Day – June 29, 2020


Psalm 149:1-9


Again we begin and end this prayer-psalm with the words “Praise the LORD.”  This one begins with a little music.  “Sing to the LORD a new song” (149:1).  It is a happy song with “dancing… and music with tambourine and harp” (149:3).  I think of watching my little three-year-old granddaughter dancing to just about any kind of music with a big smile on her face and telling me to “Come on, Papa, dance!”  How can one resist.  And how are we to resist a kind of joyful abandonment in our songs of praise to God.  After all, “the LORD takes delight in his people” (149:4).


But the second half of our song turns deadly serious.  “May the praise of God be in their mouths and a double-edged sword in their hands, to inflict vengeance…and punishment” (149:6-7).  After singing our songs of praise we are then to rise up and seek justice in the world, a justice that “binds kings…and nobles” (149:8).  This kind of involvement in our world is “the glory of all his saints” (149:9).  


The songs we sing on Sunday are to inspire our active service on Monday.  This is what worship is all about.  It is not a retreat that escapes from the world, but a joyful refocusing on who God is so that we can then make a difference in the lives of those around us as we call them to live to a higher standard.  


Our prayers today are for Syracuse Teen Challenge and for Tom and Noreen Schmidt.


Let’s pray together.


Father, how we do enjoy singing.  How we enjoy being together and lifting our voices to you in praise.  May our times of weekly celebration as we gather in your house refocus our lives on how worthy you are of our worship and praise.  But help us also, Lord Jesus, to rise and live in such a way that we make a difference in the world around us.  Give us wisdom and courage to stand up for justice and to combat injustice whenever it raises its head, especially when it does so from seats of power.  Yet keep us from any self-righteousness that puts the attention on us and not on you, for it is you, and you alone who are worthy of all praise.  


We pray this for those who are beginning to engage in the personal battle to defeat the demons of their lives that have brought them into addiction.  Grant release and grace to the residents at Teen Challenge.  And also aid Tom and Noreen in following you with joyful abandonment and with a growing understanding of biblical justice.  Delight in us, Lord, as we sing again together, “Praise the LORD.”  Amen.

Prayers for the Day – June 28, 2020


Psalm 148:1-14


This is the third of the Doxological Hallel Psalms that end the book of Psalms.  It is a clear song of praise from beginning to end.  It is divided into two parts, the first begins “Praise the LORD from the heavens” (148:1), the second one begins “Praise the LORD from the earth” (148:7).  The first section calls upon the heavenly beings, the angels as well as the sun and moon, to praise their Creator.  The second section does the same to all the creatures on the earth including mankind.  It is interesting to think of the non-human elements, even things such as “lightning and hail, snow and clouds…mountains and hills, fruit trees and …animals” all praising God.  They do so by simply fulfilling the purpose of their creation.  So also our praise should be a reflection of the fulfillment of our designed purpose.   Indeed, our primary purpose is to praise and worship our Creator, our Lord, and our Redeemer.


We pray today for Schools for Haiti and for Melanie Shelley. 

We invite you to listen to the audio recording of today’s Sunday Worship when it is posted.