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The ShoreLight - Amber Church Newsletter
September 2018

Covenant Renewal Sunday - September 23, 2018
This is our 5th Annual observance
of the practice of renewing our covenant to God and to each other. 
We began this in 2014 following a year of monthly meetings
discussing the need for both personal and corporate revitalization. 
It was then that we drafted our three point Purpose Statement which reads:
 “Loving relationships that are committed to God, accountable to each other,
 involved in Christ’s transforming work in our world.”  
This year we are taking three Sundays to focus on this
UP, IN and OUT approach to our life together.
There are some things that we do every year in this attempt to remind ourselves and celebrate our covenant.  But each year we try to introduce something new as well.  All are intended to refocus us personally and as a church family on Jesus and our responsibilities to him as his followers.  Here are some of the things we will do.
Register – We have a special Covenant Renewal Sunday Register and we ask everyone present to sign their name in it each year.  It is akin to the scroll of remembrance referred to in Malachi 3:16 that was signed by “those who feared the LORD and honored his name.”  Our Register will be signed again in Worship on September 23.
Banners and Decorations – Three banners were made with the words to our church Purpose Statement on them.  These will be hung in the sanctuary the first of September.  We also ask that to enhance the atmosphere of our celebration that you bring flowers, perhaps a pot of mums, to decorate our sanctuary on the 23.
Reverse Offering – During the Worship time not only will we receive our usual Offering, an expression of the giving of ourselves to God, but on this day we have also handed around baskets with an item to take with you.  We are, after all, the recipients of so much from God, yet sometimes we need a reminder of his grace and provision.  You will have to come on September 23 to see what that basket holds this year.
Refreshments – It has been traditional for us to follow our Worship with a fellowship time and refreshments served in the Kish Room.  The last few years we have not gotten a large cake but instead have asked folk to bake a pie to share with others.  There is a sign-up sheet in the Kish Room for this to aid with our planning.  We need about a dozen pies to provide refreshments to all who attend. 
Marking the Bible – A new idea surfaced this year to provide a Bible for the purpose of having each one may mark their favorite passage and sign their name beside it.  The Bible is the book of renewal, the standard for all of our faith and practice.  It is also God’s love letter to us and speaks very personally to each of our hearts.  This Bible will be in the Kish Room beginning in September with appropriate markers available for each one to identify their meaningful selection.  This Bible can then be given to others to encourage them in their faith as they note the passages that have been inspirational to others.   
Don’t miss this annual celebration of renewal.
Come prepared to recommit yourself to the Jesus who gave himself for us.

 Amber Congregational Church Church Officers (2018)

Board of Elders   (3 year terms)
     term expiring 2019 - Cathy Smith, Sherry Persad, Deb O’Brien
     term expiring 2020 - Carl Barber, Mark Henderson, Sally Wilson
     term expiring 2021 - James Frary

Board of Trustees   (3 year terms)
    term expiring 2019 - Cheryl Curtis, Jeff Southard, Terry Wheeler
    term expiring 2020 - David Heath, Jack Seymour, Matt Henderson,
                                      Chuck Harris
    term expiring 2021 - Mike Curtis, Teal Trendowski

Ministry Directors   (3 year terms)
     Christian Education Director (2019) - Sue Ellen Harris
     Outreach Director (2020) - Cathy Smith
     Worship Director (2021) - Nancy Barber

Nominating Committee  (2 year terms)
     term expiring 2019 - David Angelo, Mark Henderson (Chairperson)
     term expiring 2020 - Deb O’Brien, Teal Trendowski, Cindy Casler

Other Officers  (1 year terms expiring 2019)
    Clerk - Cheryl Curtis
    Treasurer - Gail Frary
    Financial Secretary - Faith Stopyro
    Financial Assistant – Jenn Schultz
    Ministerial Relations Chairman - Mike Curtis

Samaritan Fund Committee  (2 year terms)
     term expiring 2019 - Jim Frary, Matt Henderson  (appointed from the
                                       Elders and Trustees)
     term expiring 2020 - Faith Stopyro  (elected by congregation),  Sally
                                       Wilson, Cheryl Curtis  (appointed from the Elders and
     permanent members - Rick Chaffee, Cathy Smith  (Minister and Outreach

Other 1 Year Appointed Positions (1 year terms expiring in 2019)
    Overseer of Greeters - Deb O’Brien  (appointed by the Worship Director)
    Overseer of Acolytes and Nursery – Nancy Barber  (appointed by the
                                       Worship Director)
    Librarian – Cheryl Curtis  (appointed by the Education Director)
    Historian – Sally Wilson  (appointed by the Clerk)

Appointed Positions by the Trustees  (indefinite term)
    Janitor - Rich McVicar
    Music Director - Lois Chaffee


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