Amber Congregational Church - To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose.
Our Weekly Schedule

Worship                           9:30 am
Sunday School              10:45 am

Choir Practice                 7:00 pm

Bible Study                     10:30 am

*The Lord's Table will be celebrated on the following Sundays in 2018; 
First Sunday in Epiphany - January 7,
First Sunday in Lent - February 18,
Maundy Thursday - March 29,
Second Sunday in Easter - April 8,
First Sunday in Pentecost - May 20,
Mid-Summer - July 15,
First Sunday in Kingdom - August 26,
Covenant Renewal Sunday - September 23,
World Communion Sunday - October 7,
All Saint's Sunday - November 4,
Thanksgiving Sunday - November 25,
First Sunday in Advent/Christmas - December 2.

Our Church's Value Statement and Purpose Statement

 We believe the central and primary value in life is relationship,
love relationships with God and with one another.

Loving relationships that are committed to God,
accountable to each other, involved in Christ’s transforming work in our world.


Our Schedule of Monthly Meetings in the Life of the Church


First Wed.                 Trustees                                                        8:00 pm 
First Sat.                    Elders                                                            9:30 am 
Second Wed.             Women’s Fellowship                               10:00 am 
Third Sat.                   Supper Club                                                6:00 pm
Last Sun.                    Congregation chooses hymns,  
                                        coffee hour after Worship


Third Sun of Odd Months       Worship Committee               12:00 pm
Third Sun of Even Months      Education Committee            12:00 pm
Third Wed of Even Months     Outreach Committee               8:00 pm


Last Wed of 1,4,7,10       Samaritan Committee                        8:00 pm
Third Sat of 2,5,8,11       Revitalization Committee                   9:30 am

Worship News and Notes
   We will complete the short book of the prophet Micah this month and for the Thanksgiving season we will focus our gratitude on the person of Jesus as he is described by the Apostle Paul in transformational language.  Our text will be 2 Corinthians 2-3.  Please read and ponder in advance of our time of Worship these Scripture passages.

Micah – Who Is Like the LORD

Nov  4 – The LORD and the Walk of
     the Humble (Micah 6 & Psalm
     117:1-2)  All Saints Communion

Nov 11 – The LORD and the Victory
     of Forgiveness (Micah 7 & Psalm

Thanksgiving Series

Nov 18 – The Aroma of Christ
     (2 Corinthians 2:12-17 & Psalm

Nov 25 – The Glory of Christ
     (2 Corinthians 3:1-18 &Psalm
     107:23-43) Thanksgiving

    Our average Worship attendance for the month of October was 56.  Our financial giving to date is $80,521 of the 2018 budget of $107,556.   If you have any changes to your church giving envelopes for 2019 please contact Faith Stopyro (315-673-1516 or If you do not currently use envelopes and would like them, please let Faith know (you will receive a statement at the end of the year for tax purposes).

Sunday Schedules     

   If you would like to be included in any of the ministries noted below please speak to Rick Chaffee (636-8843) or Deb O’Brien (420-2471) and we will add you to the rotation.  Thank you. 
Nov   4 – Gary Sanford, Roxanne                 Pikarsky
Nov 11 – Adele Reagan, Mark                 Henderson
Nov 18 – Deb Eibert, Sally Wilson Nov 25 – Dorothy Herold, 
                Hamilton McCarthy
Dec   2 – Jim Frary, Chuck Harris 

       Worship Leader
Nov   4 – Rick Chaffee
Nov 11 – Alex Locke-Wright
Nov 18 – Nancy Barber
Nov 25 – Gail Frary
Dec   2 – Cathy Smith 
Nov   4 – Jack Seymour, Chuck                 Harris
Nov 11 – Jim Frary, Cheryl Curtis Nov 18 – Dave Heath, Terry                 Wheeler
Nov 25 – Jeff Southard, Mike                Curtis
Dec   2 – Deb O’Brien, Mark                Henderson     

Nov   4 – Megan Heath, Paige                 Swierk
Nov 11 – Dahlia Schultz, Riley                 LaFrance
Nov 18 – Rose Locke, Ryan Swierk Nov 25 – Alex Locke-Wright, Lilly                 Schultz
Dec   2 – Megan Heath, Paige                 Swierk     

Nov   4 – Kristin Heath
Nov 11 – Lynn LaFrance
Nov 18 – Jenn Schultz
Nov 25 – Cathy Smith
Dec   2 – Kristin Heath

 Outreach News and Notes

   Our Annual Pork Dinner is set for Saturday, November 3.  Jim Frary (315-427-3585) and Nancy Seeley (315-729-1071) are organizing the event.  Volunteers are always needed for a host of jobs that enable us to provide this outreach to our community.  We have three settings, 4:30, 5:45, and 7:00.  The second one is already full.  Reservations can be made by contacting Dorothy Herold (315-636-7728). 
   Due to the scheduling of the Pork Supper there will be no  Friendship Luncheon  this month.  Our next one will be on December 5 at noon at the church.  There is no fee for the luncheon but donations are accepted and canned goods are always appreciated for the food pantry.  This is one attempt to encourage the seniors of the area to get out and enjoy the company of others along with a good meal.  We had a very good turnout last month and look forward to seeing this continue.  So come and bring a friend. 
   In October we collected a special offering to go toward Hurricane Florence Relief in North Carolina.  We are planning to add to this with another offering in November.  It has been our custom in the Thanksgiving season to remind ourselves of the bounty that God has given to us and to consequently share it with others.  We have arranged to send out Thanksgiving Offering to the Lifepoint Church in Wilmington, NC.  This is the home church of our former attendee Linda Pelletier.  They are spearheading the work of recovery and rebuilding for folk in that area who lost so much in the storm.  If you would like to contribute you may simply mark your gift “Thanksgiving Offering.”  We will say a special prayer for those who will be receiving these gifts in our Worship service on Thanksgiving Sunday, November 25.  

  Sue Ellen Harris, LCSW-R has opened a counseling practice here at the church and will be taking appointments at 696-8521.  Mrs. Harris is a licensed Clinical Social Worker with 25 years of professional experience addressing oppositional behavior in children and youth, improving marital communication and family functioning, and treatment of depression, anxiety, PTSD, and complicated grief.  She will also be holding periodic informational sessions to the general public on a variety of counseling issues.  She practices a sliding scale fee structure.


Education News and Notes

    Our new approach to Sunday School, JAM Time, for our youth seems to be working out well although attendance has not been consistent by all.  Parents, do let us know your views on this and also how we might better aid you in your difficult and demanding job of educating your children in the Christian faith.  The Adult Sunday School Class, just finished up on the topic “Sing and Make Music Everywhere.”  For the next two Sundays we will be watching the movie together entitled “I Can Only Imagine.”  This is open to everyone so why not grab a cup of coffee and join us for an hour following Sunday Worship in the Kish Room. 
   Our Friday Bible Study is still meeting although we have had to cancel a few studies due to scheduling conflicts.  There will be no meeting on November 2 or 9 but we will resume on the 16.  At that meeting we will conclude our study of the New Testament book of Hebrews.  We will then do a brief study on the topic of Advent and Christmas through December.  As we look forward to the new year we would ask that if anyone has a particular topic or book of the Bible that they would like to suggest for our weekly study, please pass these along to Rick Chaffee (315-636-8843).  Thank you.
   The One-to-One faith-partnership meeting program is on its own schedule.  We do have some who have inquired about new pairings so if you are interested in getting into one of these groups do speak to one of the Elders for assistance or for suggested materials.  Of course you may just form your own group with a friend if you like.  Each couple or group arranges the days and times of their gatherings.  This is a great way to provide both encouragement and accountability to each other as we seek to follow Jesus. 
   And don’t forget the Church Library as a source for your own personal faith development.  We have books for all ages, novels and biographies as well as books on Christian living and issues of special concern. 
Food and Fellowship
   Thanksgiving is the season which always reminds us of the ways that God has met our needs this past year.  One of these gifts is his bountiful supply of food and physical provision, another is the gift of friendship and emotional support. We want to encourage both by having a Church Family Thanksgiving Dinner on Sunday, November 18.  In the past we have had a very good turnout for this noon-time meal.  Gail Frary is our organizer again.  If you would like to donate a turkey for our meal please speak to her (315-636-8317).     Note that the rest of our menu is listed below.  The turkey, dressing and gravy will be provided but we are asking all who come to bring a dish-to-pass based on the following chart and the first letter of your last name.  Come and enjoy the family.
A-G salad
H-N bread 
O-U vegetable
V-Z dessert
   Due to this event our monthly Supper Club won’t be meeting this month. They usually meet the third Saturday of the month at 6:00 for a dish-to-pass meal and enjoyable conversation. Our next one will now be on December 15.  The real purpose of these gatherings is to foster good family relationships within the church and community.  A sign-up sheet is posted on the bulletin board in the kitchen for members to take their turn at setting up the tables, making the coffee and bringing a dessert.  Do plan to join us.  It’s always good food and a great time. 
   Another regular gathering for food and fellowship is the Men’s Club.  Their next meeting is on Friday, November 9, at 6:00.  This gathering is open to all men, contact Carl Barber (315-636-8819) if you would like to attend so that sufficient food will be prepared. 

Inter-Church Advent Meeting
   The date for this annual event has been set for Sunday, December 2, at 7:00 p.m.  We will host the meeting this year.  The focus of the gathering will be to sing in the Advent/Christmas season with others who share our faith and joy in the coming of Jesus. We will be joined by the Marietta Christian Church and the Vesper Community Church in singing carols and reading again the familiar Christmas story.  Come and celebrate with us the advent of Jesus!

November Birthdays

Malcolm Wheeler (1), Nancy Frost, Roxanne Pikarsky (2), Brad Casler, Jordan Sanford (11), Bob Post* (14), Manny Southard (17), Barbara Webster (20), Edie Seymour (26), Jessika Southard (30).
*Bob will be 99 years old this month.

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